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AD info : this product was sent to me by the GLTC for the purposes of doing a review.

With a 5 year old and a 1 year old, it will come as no surprise that we have a huge mix of toys at home. There’s an excellent selling and swapping community where we live, so we don’t tend to hoard lots. If things don’t get played with, I’m pretty ruthless at clearing them out and there’s always someone delighted to take them off our hands. We’ve also acquired plenty of toys this way over the years, which means that our two have had a much wider range to try out than they would have had if everything was bought new.

One brand that is always a hit is Great Little Trading Company. They sell a large range of classic products that we have always found to be high quality and hard wearing; ideal for passing on again and again. This is the heart of their Buy Wood, Buy Once campaign, which aims to encourage parents to swap plastic for more sustainable wooden toys.

We first got a play kitchen for our son when he was around 18 months old and he absolutely loved it. I think it’s one of those universally popular toys that kids are drawn to and ours was regularly played with until he was about 4. At that point he started to lose interest a little bit and as it was absolutely massive and bright red, I was very happy to pass it on to a neighbour.

I kept hold of the wooden food and other accessories as I knew we would want a play kitchen for our youngest in due course. However we had renovated our house by then and I had caught the interior design bug, so the big red kitchen did not fill me with joy anymore.  I had something a bit more stylish, petite and in fitting with the style of rest of the house in mind.

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GLTC also sent us this birthday cake and breakfast set which are both fab

The Pat-a-cake play kitchen is ideal as it’s really compact and the colours are neutral. It doesn’t take over the room and when the children aren’t playing with it, it blends in really well with the rest of the kitchen.

It’s also fairly light, meaning that we can move it from room to room if we want to, either so that it can be played with somewhere else or if we want to hide it away.

Although small, it has lots going on. There are two hobs and an oven, which our little one can happily spend 20 minutes just opening and closing, putting various items inside and taking them out. 

The sink is metal and removable, a very practical touch as it means that we can take it out to clean when things have been poured in there.

The salt and pepper pots and the hanging utensils are also included, which is a nice bit of added value and there is a chalk board tucked away on the oven side that has been a big hit and is a fairly unusual feature, I think.

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It came flat pack and was very straightforward to build. It took around 45 minutes with a screwdriver, an allen key and a 5 year old assistant.

My son is now in year 1, so arguably a little bit old for this but I knew that he would be really excited about playing with it too. He’s always been really into creative play and is often organising tea parties for his sister with lots of teddy bear guests. It’s been really sweet watching them play with this together and I can’t imagine it will go out of favour anytime soon.

I asked what he liked about it and he said “the chalk board is the best part” and “I also love the cake because it has candles and it is pretty and it is strawberry, which is my favourite.” So its a yes from him!

Both GLTC as a brand and this kitchen in particular are a real hit in our house and I can highly recommend them. If you are looking for a play kitchen and prefer something compact, I think this is a great option. The RRP is £100 but I have noticed that there are often offers, so it is worth keeping an eye out for those.


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