When I first started talking to the Great Little Trading Company about a collaboration, I asked if I could choose a bundle of my favourite products to giveaway as part of a Christmas gift guide. The sort of thing that might help a grandparent, auntie, uncle or friend who wants to buy a quality gift that will be played with for years to come.

The lovely people at GLTC  (they really are lovely) agreed that it was a marvellous idea and off I went to put together a selection of my favourite products. I had so much fun browsing the website, thinking carefully about what my friends’ children enjoy playing with most and what both my children and I would love if someone bought them for us.

It was hard to choose because I really do think GLTC have the most lovely selection of toys but I ended up with a list of 6 products, ranging from £18 to £55 and suitable for children aged 3 to around 8 (although my daughter is only 20 months old and she would love all of these).



Wooden shopping trolley £55

In my experience, all small children love something to push. Go to a playgroup where there is a pram or a shopping trolley and you can guarantee there will be a battle at some point as two little ones, both wanting to play with it at the same time. No doubt this trolley will be a big hit with 3 and 4 year olds but I think most parents would also approve of the muted colours and lack of plastic.


Race Car Transporter £24

I thought this was the most excellent value. Normally these things don’t come with the cars, so you end up having to spend more and again, I love the fact that it is made of wood. A really stylish option for a car obsessed youngster. I think this would be played with for years. My son, who is almost 6 would definitely still enjoy playing with this.


Berry Tea Set £29

A tea set is a must! Great for toddlers but also for siblings to play with together. My two love getting the tea set and all of the (many many) teddy bears out for a grand tea party and it keeps them happy for ages. I thought the set was really sweet and love that it came with extras, like the biscuits and the tray.


Happy Birthday Cake £18

We have this birthday cake at home. It was recently gifted to us with the Pat-a-cake kitchen that I reviewed and I wanted to include it because my son especially loves it. I think it would be a really nice birthday gift and something that the kids can get out and present to mum, dad or a special birthday guest while they are still too young to be carrying real cakes with candles around.


Mr Fox Book Cart £40

Who wouldn’t love this? It’s so cute, fun to play with as it has the drag along element and also really practical for storing books at a level where children can see and choose for themselves. Such a brilliant gift!



Miss Bunny Apron £18

I love baking with my kids and thought this was adorable. I find having their own apron gets them in the mood and makes them feel important. It also makes for some very cute photos for the family album. I loved that this has open ties at the neck, so it is fully adjustable for even the smallest of bakers.

So that is it. What do you think? I am so excited that one lucky person will win the whole set, to keep or give away as Christmas presents. I would be over the moon to win all this and I can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner will be.

Head over to my instagram page to enter and let me know if you end up buying any of these as Christmas presents. Entries close midday on Sunday 8 December.

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