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Summer is my favourite season, no question about it. The other three have plenty going for them but I will always be happiest in Summer. I love the warm air, the flowers, the long days. I feel free in the summer. I love to lay on a blanket and look up at the sky and the trees, read a book, eat a picnic. It’s my happy place.

I also love my summer wardrobe. Bright colours, floaty dresses, not having to wear a coat! I suspect most people are starting to pack away their summer outfits by now but not me. According to trusty Google, Autumn doesn’t start until 22 September and that’s basically October in my book, so I shall be eeking it out until then!

When the time comes, I have a bit of a routine. I do the same at the end of every season. First, I make sure the washing basket is completely empty. Thetrust Samsung washing machine and tumble dryer work extra hard that day. Then I take everything out of my wardrobe and decide what I want to keep out for the next season and what to pack away for next year. There are always some items left over, things that I haven’t worn this season, which I pass on to friends or charity.

Once that’s sorted, I get out the clothes I have stored away under the bed, check through to see what can come out and swap those over with the clothes I am putting away for next year.

I make sure everything is clean before I store it away but once I unpack, I usually pop the items I’m taking out of storage on a quick wash just to freshen them up before I put them into the wardrobe. The same for anything going to friends or charity – always best to have things smelling fresh when you pass them on I think.

And that’s it. My end of season ritual. It helps to create space in my wardrobe and keep it organised but it also does the same for me. It is my way of marking the new seasons, rather than letting them slip into one another. A chance for me to take stock, reflect on what has been and plan for what’s ahead.

If imagine lots of you already do something similar but if not and you have a wardrobe or drawers that are stuffed full and overflowing, I would really recommend giving it a go. It has been pretty life changing for me.

(If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you a photo of how my wardrobe used to look. I did consider putting it up here but some things are not meant to be immortalised on the internet and that sorry mess is definitely one of them!)

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Is there anything more angst inducing than writing an "about me" page?! It's like that awkward icebreaker where you have to go round the table and introduce yourself, when all you have to say is "Hi, I'm Nikki, I like chocolate and I used to deliver the milk" but for some reason you break out in a sweat that doesn't subside until you've had your turn. So here goes ... I'm originally from York and now live in Walthamstow, East London with my husband, two kids and two cats. We bought our house in 2015 (after far too many years of lining other people's pockets renting in London) and did a full on renovation. It was pretty stressful and very nearly bankrupted up but we now have a wonderful family home that we all love. This E17 Life started on 1 January 2017 as an instagram account, called E17 Renovations. It was the day that we started renovating the ground floor and I wanted somewhere to keep a record to show the kids when they were older. Who knew that there was such an interiors loving community out there on insta? Not me! By the time the renovation was complete, I had fully embraced Instagram, especially stories and it had become a little peek into my world. My plan is for this blog to be an extension of that. An online scrapbook of things I've been up to, things that I love and things that I care about. Will that do? What else do you want to know?

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